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Small and Medium Moroccan Rugs and Capes


The following pieces are in a range of subdued reds. While at first glance the colors appear quite similar, there are subtle differences when you examine them closely. Since I want to get them online quickly, I will do less description than usual. Please ask if you have questions.



Piece 4.14524 is in a dark subdued red with black, white and gold accents. It's from the Zemmour area and in the local colors, but the overall design is unusual. You can see it better in this detail. The size is about 25.5" x 49" (65 x 125cm) and the price is $95.






Piece 4.14544 is a muted pink-red with accents in black, white and a rusty orange. All three design bands have unusual, clear graphics, which you can see on the enlarged rug photo or in the detail here. The size of this piece is about 28" x 49" (71 x 124 cm) and the price is $90.




Piece 4.14491 is in tones of muted burnt orange with black, white and gold accents. I find the color combination very harmonious. There are six different design bands, each repeated once, and most bordered with a small zig-zag line. But notice how the one to the left of my hand in the close-up has only one border. This piece measures about 2 1/2 x 5 feet (about 32" x 58" or 81 x 147 cm) and costs $145. SOLD



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