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Pillow 0.051715 is in the Azrou style with an overall design of irregular diamonds. The white spots you see used to hold sequins, but they have worn off; you can see them best on the close-up. The back has plain rose, rose-violet, orange and black stripes, and the wool has a nice sheen. The size is 1 x 17 and the price is $75.  






Piece 2.12508 has three large diamonds on the face outlined in a brown-violet, similar to the color of the plain back, where it looks more a mix of a soft red and black threads. The front has accents in red, kelly greeen, turquoise and a bit of chatreuse. There are tufts in these colors at each end of the pillow - they are not part of the woven structure and could be removed. The white spots outlining the large diamonds, seen clearly in this detail, are where sequins used to be. This size is about 12" x 21" (30 x 53cm) and the price is $75.





Piece 2.12511 is rather quirky, with its many bright colors and somewhat unusual shape. The colors include shocking pink, a rich red, an olive green, orange and a yellow-gold. The back has one simple design stripe, plus plain stripes in all those colors and a dark brown. The front design is in chevron shapes, often found in the Azrou area, and there are small diamonds within the chevrons, seen best in this close-up. The unusual shape of the pillow comes from some damage in the corners which has been sewn over, but it will not show much or at all after the pillow is stuffed. It measures about 14" x 16" (36 x 41cm) and costs $75.






Khadija's Woven Pillows

Khadija Oujari, a Moroccan woman who lives in the US and will weave to order, made the pillows below. While they use traditional motifs, they are made from acrylic yarn so are softer than most of my woven pillows, and also fully washable. 

In number 8.051011 the designs on the front are the same, the backs differ. On the front, both pieces have overlapping diamonds. Study the complexity of the design and you see one aspect of Khadija's skill. The blue is combined with black and white, and the maroon with white and royal blue highlights. The back [8051012] of the blue pillow is black and has diagonal white lines in knots which are raised from the flatwoven black, and the maroon back has a diamond pattern in raised knots. These raised knots are somewhat like those on a chenille bedspread, which at least some people will recognize. I have not seen knots used this way in Morocco, and expect it is a personal innovation. Each pillow is about 12" square and costs $50. If you want to order one, please note color as well as number.


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