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Some of you know that I would really like to be dealing more directly with women in Morocco and hope to do so in the future, but right now reaching them in rural areas is a problem. However, I'm beginning in this direction by introducing you to Khadija Oujari, a Moroccan weaver who is accessible because she lives in the US. In this photo, you see her technical skill in the finely-woven and very regular piece she is holding. It was made on the new loom she and her husband built. To see a close-up, click here.






Piece 8.051003 is not for sale, but gives you a further idea of Khadija's abilities. Notice the fine work and the skilled design in the overlapping and interlocking diamonds. The shiny spots are sequins, which sparkle beautifully in lantern light but which some Americans find too bright; they can be left off.




Khadija says she can look at the design of a traditonal Moroccan flatweave and copy it. She could make something in any of the patterns you see here or in her pillows, in colors of your choice, and a rug could be up to six feet wide and much longer. If you're interested, you could send yarn or fabric samples which she could try to match at her yarn store, and she would clear them with you before buying.

The blue and white piece she is holding is made all of wool except for a cotton warp. She has found a store near her with beautiful yarn, but is concerned because it is so expensive compared to yarn in Morocco and this raises her prices. We discussed having her family send yarn from Morocco, but it would be nearly impossible for her to match colors which were requested here. Based on the price of the yarn in her small blue rug, we have estimated that a 2' x 4' rug would cost $250 which is about $31 a square foot. This includes postage and handling. We are also exploring the possibility of using acrylic yarn to cut prices, but don't have precise figures yet. In addition, I'm not sure if they would wear as well, so they might be best for wall pieces or low-traffic areas. Just think - you could have the rug you always wanted in your specific size or color! Let me know.

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