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I have visual treat for you: a wide variety of large rugs. They range from flatweaves in the classic alternating plain and design stripes in a regular pattern, to inspired variations on this theme, to overall patterns, plus a few pile or knotted pieces. All are handmade, mostly in wool with the white designs done in cotton to highlight the contrast. Some use acrylic yarn for color accents in the design bands. Most are used, since I usually find those more interesting, but a few are new.

Remember, click on the small photo to see the rug full screen, and on the underlined word in the description to see the great detail that's hard to capture for the whole piece with a digital camera. Note: some of the photos below have dark areas on them: they are shadows from tree branches, not anything on the rugs. Also, all prices include packing and insured shipping






Piece 4.14004 is a large flatweave from the Middle Atlas area of Morocco, south of the cities of Fes and Meknes. I have been told that the white arrow shapes that separate the plain-colored bands means that the rug is from the area of Azrou. You can see them well in this detail. The mauve and blue also show up well there; the other plain colors are black and orange. The size is almost 5 x 10 1/2 feet (145 x 320 cm) and the price is $625.








Piece 4.14006 is another long Middle Atlas flatweave in soft colors, with plain stripes in violet, dark navy and pale cherry red. You can see the colors better in this close-up, although the violet looks more brown in the photo. Also notice the diamonds in the border, and how they are irregular on the upper left. That is one of the things I like about these rugs - there's always something new to see. It is quite heavy, and will provide good insulation from a cool floor. It measures about 5'6" x 10'4" (163 x 313 cm) and costs $650.





Piece 0.112826 I suspect falls between the Zemmour and Zayan areas.  The background is a Zemmour maroon-red, but the white design is more boldly drawn and lacks the orange one nearly always finds in Zemmour pieces.  Another difference is that the design outline that is usually in black here is mostly in natural undyed wool in shades of brown.  You can see that, and some bits of blue in the band on the left, in the close-up.  The piece measures 5'3" x 10'7" and costs $490. SOLD but I could look for a similar one next time I go to Morocco.





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