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Middle Atlas - Zemmour

The rugs below are from the same area where I get most of my smaller rugs. You will recognize the similarity in colors and design.

Piece 4.14503 is a finely-woven piece with both horizontal and vertical designs, and a complex border. (Ignore the shadows on the photo here.) You can see the colors best on this close-up, which are a true red, yellow-gold, black and white. This piece is more nearly square than most Moroccan rugs, and measures about 4 1/2' x 7' (about 54" x 83" or 137 x 211 cm) and costs $310.







Piece 4.14485 is a true bright red with the designs in black, white and gold. There are three bands using the Berber hatif design made up of triangles, which is on the right of my hand in this detail. The colors there are also more true. (The dark spots are shadows.) The size is about 5' x 8'5" (152 x 256 cm) and the price is $340.






Piece 4.14487 is a rich dark red with the designs in black, white and orange with a rusty tone to it - less bright than it looks here and on the close-up. There you can see the rich red color better. The dark spots are shadows. It measures about 5' 3" x 8' 3" (160 x 251 cm) and costs $360.






Piece 0.051524 is a real tour de force of weaving, a runner with six design bands of bright colors on a black background highlighted by white designs.  The design bands are separated by lines of tufted yarn, visible on the overall photo.  The black warp or base is wool, the white a shiny synthetic yarn, and the red, blue and green are acrylic – which means they won’t fade. The white is brighter than it looks in the photos and really sets off the other colors and designs, which you really see best in the detailed picture. There are three repairs in this piece, but given the designs, they do not show.  It measures 3’4” x 8’4” and costs $270.




Tazenakht rugs come from the High Atlas Mountains south of Marrakesh.  If you have a good map, you can find the town of Tazenakht southwest of Ouarzazate.  It’s the market town where these rugs are sold; they are made in the surrounding mountains.  The Women Weavers town of N'kob is about an hour into those mountains from Tazenakht on an unpaved road. In fact all of the rugs of this type that I had in stock in the US are sold, but I left the one below to illustrate this popular style. You can find many more by clicking on N'kob below.

Piece 0.112809 has three medallions on a denim-blue ground, each with an intricate border, and the whole piece also has in intricate border.  This is typical of the Tazenakht style. You can see a bit of it under the hand on the close-up, as well as the other colors: a golden yellow, light blue, and olive green.  While the medallions look red-orange here, in reality they are more a rusty orange.  This piece measures 3’5” x 6’5 ½” and costs $370. SOLD, but you can see others in this style in the N'kob section of my web site.


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