Threads of Time

If you'd like to learn about other types of Moroccan textiles, and certain aspects of Moroccan society, see the video "Threads of Time" featuring Moroccan wedding textiles (and a wedding). It covers the Fes embroidery I feature on my pillows, gold thread embroidery, woven fabrics for upholstery and men's clothing, and passementerie or the elaborate trim on clothing and cushions. We interviewed the top artisans and distributors in Fes in the early 1990s about the making, use and distribution of wedding items. I was the resident ethnographer with the three museum curators - Louise Mackie, Lotus Stack and Frieda Sorber - who produced it, and it was professionally shot by Mark Stanley. The price is $19.95 (US$) for home use and $35.00 for classroom use, plus about $5 postage. You can order the video directly from the distributor:

McNabb and Connolly
60 Briarwood Avenue
Ontario, Canada L5G 3N6

tel. 905/278-0566.

You can also order with an email to <>.