Morocco has lots of beautiful jewelry, which you might enjoy for yourself or for a gift. I have several "hands of Fatima", named after the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed, and called "khamisas" in Arabic. They are used to protect the wearer from the evil eye around much of the Mediterranean basin. These are in "800" or "925" silver (which I thought was %, as in 80%, but it's another measure), as are the chains that come with them, and also the earrings below. I have duplicates of several of these items, so you can often order more than one. A note: I've found it very difficult to get good pictures of reflective metal, so please excuse the quality of some of the photos. Many are a better when you click to make them larger. A few pieces here look yellow in parts, but they are not in reality: they are all bright silver. The prices include packing and shipping via US Priority mail.  For each of these small items you purchase beyond one, there is a $5 discount if they are sent to the same address.

These khamisa pendants can be seen much better by clicking on the photo.  The numbers go from left to right.  All come with 18 inch silver chains except the largest one, which has a 24 inch chain, and the right one, to which I can add one of the 18” chains.

Khamisas2crsh 11-28-2012 11;04;27AMsm400.jpg

1.  This has limited design and lots of rich silver surface.  $35.
2.  This has a lot of geometric design, just like a hand decorated with
     henna.  $35.
3.  The design here is made by cutting away silver.  $25.
4.  This largest khamisa is filigree silver outlined by flat silver in
     graceful curves.  I have 2 of these.  $50 each.
5.  This is another incised design.  $35.
6.  This is also incised to look like henna decorations.  $30.



pendant fossils sm 500 IMG_6387.jpg



These fossil pendants contain ammonites from the rich fossil beds in southeastern Morocco and were formed about 350 million years ago.  Besides being beautiful, they’re a great gift for someone interested in science.


You can see them larger too, by clicking on the photo.  On the left one the fossil shows on the back, on the other it does not.  Each costs $25.




I have several pairs of earrings, also in silver.  Click the photo to see them larger.  They are numbered from left to right, and there are 2 pairs of some. 


earrings 2012 crsh sm 500 IMG_6388.jpg
1.  This is a plain hand of Fatima.  $20.

2.  This is a hand of Fatima in a cutout design (2 pair).  $25.

3.  This is a common design in Morocco called the Southern 
     Cross, after the constellation of stars (2 pair).  $20.

4.  This has two medallions with concentric circles.  $35.





I also have a “Cats of Morocco” calendar available for 2013; it can be ordered until Dec. 31, 2012.  Each photo and date page is 12 inches square; it has lots of room for writing appointments.  The photos include cats and Moroccan ambience.  Below you see an overview with each month’s photo (click to enlarge), and also the cover.  $35.


01-28-2012 09;27;43AMCATCALDRsm500.jpg0006895119465 cover sm500.jpg




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