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The following pieces are not currently in stock, but I can order one to be sent to you directly from Morocco. That's because the designs, colors and sizes are relatively standard, unlike most Moroccan rugs.


What you see here is a detail of piece 8.051005. This is a contemporary Beni Ouarain women's cape, made in black and white wool with lines between the design bands in white cotton plus some thin stripes of maroon and yellow. Click the photo to see the details more clearly. There are long white yarns on the back, left on because they provide insulation in the cold mountains where they are made and worn. Because it's made as a cape it probably shouldn't get hard wear, but these make very nice bedroom rugs; the yarn on the back gives them a little springiness. To see the whole piece click here, but don't be too disappointed: most digital cameras can't capture the intricate design of row after row of subtly different geometric patterns. This is 3' x 5'10" and costs $145. SOLD but you can order another, and there are often some available on the Small and Medium Rugs pages.



This piece fully fits the model of what I'd eventually like to do with rugs online: get the profit directly to the women who make them and avoid the middlemen. I bought it from a non-profit group which works with needy women weavers near the town of Taliouine south of Marrakesh. You can see and read about the weaver by clicking on her name, Ijja . She made item 8.061032, called a chedwi in Moroccan Arabic. That refers to a black and white piece with both flatweave and twining elements. Here, the twining is in the areas with black and white combined in zig-zag, checkerboard or small diamond patterns. The digital camera doesn't do the full piece justice, but you can see the close-up for more detail of the interesting weaving styles, and also the small red bands that flank the black ones. This piece measures about 4'4" x 8' and costs $180. SOLD but you could order another.


You can order any of the pieces above by sending me email at Be sure to note the item number and the size you'd like of any pieces in which you are interested. They are made in approximately the sizes shown, but you can request somewhat larger or smaller. Thus prices will vary somewhat, and there will be about $20-$40 extra for international postage; it depends on the weight of the piece. Especially with the black and white chedwi, item 8.061032, it may be possible to have a size made to order because I know some of the weavers.

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