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This is a new selection of poufs.  They are in three main styles: natural beige leather with a tooled or embossed design in black and/or brown (sometimes with red and green added), a plain color with an embossed design in the same color - available in a much wider range of colors than I have had in the past, and a few poufs in one color with the same color embroidery. You can see them all below, and all close with a zipper on the bottom.  You can fill them with something white and fluffy called "Polyfil" that you get at craft stores which is like pillow stuffing, but I've found it's also a great use for clean, recycled plastic bags. If you would like to order, email and let me know so I can check with my supplier in Morocco to be sure what you want is currently in stock. Poufs are shipped airmail and insured directly from Morocco to you, and take about 2-3 weeks to reach the U.S. Prices include shipping to the US. Email me on the To Order page to ask about prices to other countries; those in Europe are often less, since they are closer to Morocco.


Click on the photos to see them larger.






Pouf 3.12697 has a geometric design in dark brown, and on the top there are camels in black. It measures 20" in diameter by 10" high (51 x 25.5 cm) and costs $125.





pouf 8.3784sm.jpg




Pouf 8.3784 is beige leather with a brown tooled design and a black camel in the center.  The size is 14.5” in diameter by 9.5” high (36 x 24 cm.) and the price is $115.









Pouf 8.3875 has a fairly simple design, but there is some red and green in addition to the brown in the tooled design.  Its diameter is 18.5" (48 cm), and it’s 10.5" (28 cm) high, and it costs $125.








Pouf 8.3876 has a more curved motif in the design than most, and it has red and green in it.  It is 18.5 “ by 10.5” high and costs $125.








Pouf 8.3878 has the most Moroccan themes among these: both palm trees and a camel, and the camel is near a tiny saint’s shrine!  The design is mostly in browns and black with touches of red and green.  This measures 18.5“ by 10.5” high and costs $125.









Pouf 8.3879 has someone leading a camel in the center, with tiny palm trees, surrounded by more abstract designs.  It is mostly in browns with touches of red and green.  The size is 18.5“ x 10.5” high and it costs $125.










Pouf 3.12711 is a new style: it widens at the center, so the top diameter is 14" (36 cm) but in the center the diameter is 18" (46 cm), and the pouf is 15" (38 cm) high. The sides are tooled in a brown design with very little black, and the top has a geometric star surrounded by eight camels. The price is $125.









Pouf 3.12712 has the same shape and measurements as the one above, and indeed looks very similar except there are camels on the sides. My notes say there are fewer camels on the top, but I can't really tell from the photo. The price is $125.







Pouf 3.12713 also has the same shape and measurements as 3.12711 but a different design on the top. This has only one camel, in the center, surrounded by diamonds in two different designs. It costs $125.





pouf 8.3776sm.jpg




Pouf 8.3776 has a different shape called ‘parachute’, since it looks a bit like one from the side, where it bulges out.  The design is mainly brown, but there are red and green highlights too.  The diameter of the top is 19” and the height is 16”, and it costs $135.









The poufs below mostly come in two sizes, 15.5" x 12" (39 x 30.5 cm) and a lower, wider 18" x 10.5" (46 x 27 cm), and in a wide range of colors seen in this photo. When you order, be sure to give the size and color you want. Starting at the upper left and moving counterclockwise,they are soft green, saffron yellow, dark brown, soft orange, dark camel, beige, rich red, tobacco brown, purple, pink, and blue.  Each costs $130; you can see varied designs on the tops below.







pouf 8.3792sm.jpg 



Pouf 8.3792 has both a central geometric star design, often found in Moroccan tile work, surrounded by eight patterned wedges. It is available in 17” x 10” high (43 x 25 cm) and in the colors above and costs $130.








Pouf 3.12706 has a central star surrounded by eight slightly rotated squares. It is available in the sizes and colors above and costs $130.





pouf 8.3788sm.jpg




Pouf 3.12707 is shown in the larger, lower size. It again has a central star, with eight diamonds in two sizes and designs around it. It is available in the colors above in two similar sizes.  One is 17” x 10” high (43 x 25 cm) and costs $130 and the other is larger at 18” x 14.25” and costs $150.










Pouf 3.12709 is very simple, with only an expanding geometric star pattern in the center. It is available in the sizes and colors above and costs $130.




pouf 8.3787sm.jpg




Pouf 8.3787 has a simple central design and measures 17” x 10” (43 x 25 cm).  It is available in the colors above and costs $130.




pouf 3.12716sm.jpg




Pouf 3.12716 is in the parachute style, with a curved top. The pieces are joined with elaborate stitching in an white/ivory color, like the pouf, and there is a starlike design embroidered in the center. It also comes in the colors at the bottom of this section, and the leather is goat, very strong and easy to clean with a damp cloth. The size is 17.5" (44.5cm) by 10.5" (26.5 cm) high and the price is $150.






Pouf 3.12717 is the same style and size as the one above, but this gives you an idea of another color, here a rich red-brown. The price is $150.




The pouf above is available in white/ivory, dark blue, dark green, bright red, black, rich brown and a dark beige. Be sure to specify the color you want when you order.



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