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Fes Embroidered Pillows

With these pillows I can achieve my goal of working directly with producers so they receive the profits instead of middlemen. My friend Fatima who made these lives in a small Moroccan town and uses her income to help her family. Click here to see Fatima working on a recent set of pillows in her living room. This style is called Fes embroidery, and Fatima literally counts the threads to make the pattern; there is no stencil or stamp on the fabric. The pillows I have now highlight browns and blues. If you would like specific colors made to order, in either the background fabric or the embroidery, send me an email ( and we can discuss it. (Most pillows are SOLD, but I have included them in case you want to order those designs.) Most of these pillows are 15-17" square, have a zipper closing on the plain fabric back, and are made with washable wool-look polyester fronts. Most fronts are in white or cream, but a few have multicolored embroidery on a dark blue or brown fabric. They come flat and you can stuff them with polyfil, available at fabric and craft stores.

Finally, these pillows make great gifts! They're unique wedding presents, and I often think of them as winter holiday gifts because of the snowflake-like lacy designs. In either case, you can hardly beat $20 each, including priority mailing. (The prices went up a bit because of transportation costs.) You can buy a matched pair, mix and match colors or patterns, or just buy one.



Pillow 0.051714 is done in Fes embroidery on a deep blue fabric. The design is outlined in white thread, and filled in with orange and light and dark blues and greens. You can see the individual colors best on the close-up, but the overall photo shows you the laciness of the design, which reminds me of a snowflake. The size is 13 x 14 and it costs $20.






Pillows 8.112903 are a pair, but I've highlighted a detail here. Click the photo to see a full view of both. $20 each. SOLD






Pillows 8.112905a (left) (SOLD) and 8.112905b (right) (SOLD) nearly match. Both have a pale caramel brown as one color, but the darker brown on the right is a little deeper than on the left. The one on the right also has a more complex corner design. Click here to see them more clearly. $20 each





Pillow 9.112138 is in orange, gold and yelllow; notice the detail. $20 each. SOLD







Pillow 9.112130 is in three shades of blue: a deep royal blue, a slightly grayed sky blue, and a light blue. Click here for a close-up. $20 SOLD







Pillow 9.112134 is in three shades of green, all with a hint of blue in them. Click here for a close-up. There are two of these. $20 each







Pillow 9.112142 is in dark violet, light violet, and soft pink. Click here for a detail. $20 SOLD







Pillow 9.112126 is a rich brown. White stitches outline a design in turquoise, brown, gold and loden green. You can see them well on the close-up, but the brown is too dark. $20 SOLD






Pillow 9.112128 has the same colors as the one above, rich brown fabric with a design in turquoise, brown, gold and loden green. Click here for a detail. $20 SOLD






Pillow 9.112140 has a design in forest green, bright green, and teal. You can see the colors better in the close-up. $20 SOLD




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