To Order

You can purchase with a personal check or a cashier's check. A cashier's check means faster delivery of your order. For the fastest delivery, you can also now pay online using PayPal.  It's free to buyers (I pay a small fee), secure, and you can register online.  You tell them to withdraw from your checking or credit card account, they send me a message when they do, and then I ship to you immediately.  Many e-businesses, including eBay, use it.  Click here for details.

Many international customers can now use PayPal too.† It's simple to sign up [] for an international PayPal account, and itís much cheaper than sending an expensive money wire.† Residents in the following countries are now eligible for PayPal accounts:

*Australia * Austria * Belgium * Brazil * Canada * Denmark * France * Germany * Hong Kong * Ireland * Israel * Italy * Japan * Mexico  *Netherlands * New Zealand * Norway * Portugal * Singapore * South Africa * South Korea * Spain * Sweden * Switzerland * United Kingdom

Shipping in the U.S. by insured U.S. Priority Mail is included in the prices.† International shipment may be higher.

Because it's difficult to fully appreciate a piece without seeing it and how it fits into your own setting, refunds (less the cost of mailing and handling) are guaranteed. If you want to order, to have me shop for you for specific items, or have any questions, send me e-mail ( In fact, I'm curious about how many people look at this information, where they found it, and their reactions; I'd be very grateful if you'd take a moment and drop me a line! Suggestions are welcome.

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